Varta M18 Promotive Silver Battery 12V 180Ah 1000CCA (EN) (629SHD) 680108100-Powerland
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Varta M18 Promotive Silver Battery 12V 180Ah 1000CCA (EN) (629SHD) 680108100

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VARTA Promotive Silver is the perfect solution for vehicles that need to provide excellent performance, day in, day out - and cannot afford long periods of idleness. Equipped with our unique Labyrinth lid and calcium-silver technology, the VARTA Promotive Silver symbolises efficiency that you can see for yourself in the driver's log. Even in the most demanding situations, VARTA Promotive Silver boasts impressively high cyclic stability and extremely long service life thanks to Longlife Technology SHD. That's how VARTA Promotive Silver provides the best basis for the highest levels of performance, whether it's in urban traffic, on public transport or for long-distance journeys.ns.

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Brand Varta
Voltage 12 Volts
Technology Wet
Capacity 180 Ah
Length 513 mm
Width 223 mm
Height inc. terms 223 mm
Weight 46 Kg
Terminals (End)

Warranty 2 Years

Battery Type: 629SHD