S5 A15 BOSCH AGM CAR BATTERY 12V 105AH (CCA 950amps) Type 020AGM S5A15-Powerland
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S5 A15 BOSCH AGM CAR BATTERY 12V 105AH (CCA 950amps) Type 020AGM S5A15

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The premium Bosch battery with AGM technology provides enough power for frequent starts and stops, supports regenerative braking (recuperation) and is a reliable source of power for electrical consumers during the stop phase.
Features and Benefits:
  • Constant power even for short trips, stop-and-go traffic or high consumption in stationary mode: acid absorbed by micro-fiberglass mats allow higher amounts of energy to be provided.Longer service life and up to 4 times higher deep-cycle resistance than conventional starter batteries: in case of AGM technology, the acid is absorbed by micro-fiberglass mats thus keeping the self-discharge rates low.
  • Reliable starting even under extreme temperatures and with several electrical consumers: ensured by even acid distribution preventing stratification.
  • Particularly good charge acceptance: the patented PowerFrame® (grid) for optimized current flow and less corrosion increases the cold start performance.
  • Particularly high corrosion resistance: ensured by optimized production processes.
  • 100 % maintenance-free: the double lid with labyrinth design returns condensed water to the battery thus reducing the water consumption; and preventing sudden leaks of acid if tilted.
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    Brand Bosch
    Voltage 12 Volts
    Technology AGM
    Capacity 105 Ah
    Length 393 mm
    Width 175 mm
    Height inc. terminals 190 mm

    29.2 KG


     Warranty 4 Years


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