YBX3027 12V 60Ah 550A Yuasa SMF Car Battery Type 027-Powerland
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YBX3027 12V 60Ah 550A Yuasa SMF Car Battery Type 027

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All Batteries are Made By Leading Manufacturers

If high power is top priority in a replacement battery, look to Yuasa's High Performance Maintenance Free batteries.

Yuasa means more power, less maintenance and longer life. 

Yuasa's High Performance Maintenance Free batteries are your best choice for Trucks, Generators, Boats Etc.

All of the features of a Standard Maintenance Free, PLUS Increased Power – Up to 30% more cranking amps thanks to a radical grid design and additional places.

Maintenance Free VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) means a battery that's perfect for people who have better things to do than battery maintenance! Yuasa's permanently sealed VRLA battery never needs refilling; however, it still needs periodic charging. Ideal for Trucks, Generators, Boats Etc

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Brand Yuasa
Voltage 12 Volts
Technology VR Lead Acid
Capacity 60 Ah
Length 243 mm
Width 175 mm
Height inc. terms 190 mm

14.8 KG

 Warranty 3 Years



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