Varta G2 Promotive black Battery 12V 90Ah 540CCA (EN)(644/646) 590041054-Powerland
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Varta G2 Promotive black Battery 12V 90Ah 540CCA (EN)(644/646) 590041054

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VARTA Promotive Black offers innovative VARTA expertise that makes it an excellent choice, delivering made-to-measure power output for older vehicles and those with lower energy requirements.

Thanks to its tried-and-tested hybrid technology, the VARTA Promotive Black provides outstanding power reserves and performance - and is completely maintenance-free under normal usage conditions.

With its vibration-resistant design and high cyclic stability, the VARTA Promotive Black is a reliable power source that will impress you right from the word "go", whether its used in HGVs, trucks, construction vehicles or agricultural vehicles.

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Brand Varta
Voltage 12 Volts
Technology Wet
Capacity 90 Ah
Length 347 mm
Width 173 mm
Height inc. terms 234 mm
Weight 25 Kg
Terminals (End)

Warranty 2 Years

Battery Type: 643/645