TN Power AGM 12V 125Ah Deep Cycle Battery-Powerland
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TN Power AGM 12V 125Ah Deep Cycle Battery

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TNE Series, TN’s most powerful products, are specially designed for deep cycle application. With numbers of national patent technologies, the cycle life reaches 400-600 cycles at 100% DOD, highly suitable for golf carts, electric wheelchairs, low-speed electric vehicles etc. Maintenance free technology reduce the complexity with water adding during use and become more and more popular in the market.



  • Maintenance Free VRLA battery, no need to add water or acid during application.
  • Longer cycle life: 400-600 cycles at 100%DOD.
  • Higher capacity: Patented structure design with high utilization of active material, maximum improve the utilization rate of active material and the utilization ratio of battery internal space, 5%-10% higher capacity than similar products in the market.
  • High performance for large current discharge. New structure for plate grid, greatly reduced resistance of the battery, uniform internal electrochemical reaction under large current discharge, excellent capacity recovery from deep discharge
  • Good corrosion resistance of grid. Unique patent alloy with rare earth material, the grid has super corrosion resistance and creep resistance
  • High performance under low temperature. With added conductive material and cryogenic expansion agent of high activity to the plate, the product is of strong accept ability under low temperature.
  • Safety & reliability. Independent designed automatic anti-dry and removable safety valve for convenient common check as well as the sealing function to reduce water loss in the process of charge and discharge and to improve reaction efficiency of sealing.



  • Electric Tricycle
  • Low speed electric vehicles
  • Golf trolleys and golf cart
  • Patrol cars
  • Electric Sight-seeing Tour Bus
  • Sweeper
  • Electric Wheelchairs
  • Lawn mowers etc
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        TN Power

        Manufacturer Part Number




        Capacity (C20)


        Terminal Type


        Terminal Layout


        Dimensions (Including Terminals)

        L330 x W171 x H214mm




        2 Years

        Battery Technology


        Battery Application

        Deep Cycle