T3 072 BOSCH TRUCK BATTERY 12V 100AH (CCA 600 amps) Type 221 T3072-Powerland
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T3 072 BOSCH TRUCK BATTERY 12V 100AH (CCA 600 amps) Type 221 T3072

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T5/T4/T3: Reliability from start to arrival The Bosch T5 and T4 batteries are equipped with the PowerFrame® technology – for high battery performance and high reliability. T5 convinces through maximum performance and deep-cycle resistance. It was especially developed for high energy requirements and frequent discharges. T4 reliably supplies all running applications with normal energy requirements – even with the engine switched off or in case of frequent discharge. The Bosch T3 battery provides uncompromising starting power and is ideal for vehicles with low energy demand. It is maintenance-free and topping up with water is possible.

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Brand Bosch
Voltage 12 Volts
Technology WET
Capacity 100 Ah
Length 413 mm
Width 175 mm
Height inc. terminals 220 mm

26.8 KG


 Warranty  2 Years



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