Platinum S101E Prestige Battery 12v 32Amps CCA (EN) 310A-Powerland
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Platinum S101E Prestige Battery 12v 32Amps CCA (EN) 310A

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Platinum Batteries are the Number 1 selling brand in the UK. Widely known as ‘The Consumer’s Choice’, the entire range meets the specification originally fitted by the vehicle manufacturer.

The Conventional prestige range are flooded lead acid batteries and cover 97%+ of the European Car Parc.  Although new technologies are emerging, Conventional will continue to be fitted to the majority of vehicles on the road.

The entire range are produced on the same production lines that manufacture batteries for Original Equipment, using the same technology, man power, equipment, controls and quality inspections approved by the car manufacturers to whom they are supplied.

This commitment ensures high performance, long service life and improved reliability make the conventional range ideal for the vehicles of today.

The entire range also benifits from Calcium technology which provides longer shelf life, greater resistance to high bonnet temperatures and reduced water loss throughout its life.

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Brand Platinum
Voltage 12 Volts
Technology WET SEALED
Capacity 32Ah
Length 187 mm
Width 127 mm
Height inc. terms 181 mm
Weight 10.9 Kg


Warranty 3 Years

Battery Type: 101