Leoch HPG14-4 / LT14-4 / YTX14-BS 12v 12Ah 200CCA GEL-Powerland
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Leoch HPG14-4 / LT14-4 / YTX14-BS 12v 12Ah 200CCA GEL

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Leoch GEL – Ready to Fit – 24 Month Guarantee

Leoch high performance HPG series, are Gel maintenance-free batteries, engineered for motorcycle applications. HPG batteries are also designed and manufactured for motorcycle, jet-skis, ATVs and other similar applications. These batteries are manufactured using gelled electrolyte for a totally maintenance free and long-life operation and come ready to be installed. They offer extreme high cranking power and a wide range of models to power up all your leisure and daily requirements.

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    Brand LEOCH
    Voltage 12 Volts
    Technology GEL
    Capacity 12 Ah - 200CCA
    Length 150 mm
    Width 87 mm
    Height inc. terminals 145 mm

    4.4 KG


     Warranty 2 Years

    Type - YTX14-BS       LT14-4