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Haze HZY12-7.5EV 12 Volt 7.5 Ah Gel Battery

Product type: Battery



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Haze Batteries

The HZY series VRLA sealed lead-acid type battery from Haze uses advanced Gel design instead of conventional AGM technology. The battery is particularly suitable for cyclic and deep-discharge applications, poor charging, frequent use, higher ambient temperature and many other extreme applications.

Typical applications include AGV (Automatic guided vehicles), engine starting, golf trolleys, lawn mowers, emergency lighting, refrigeration, road-side cabinets, robots, electric tools, measuring instruments and pumps.

  • Full recovery from long discharges
  • Good tolerance to highest temperature applications
  • Suitable for where mains power supply is unstable
  • No equalisation charge required
  • Thicker plates for reduced grid corrosion and increased cycle life
  • High resistance to shorting due to superior mechanical strength of the polymer separator
  • One-way pressure-relief vent for safety and long life
  • Ideal for wheelchair, medical, solar, refrigeration, boats, navigation, water pumps, floor machines, electric vehicles and more
  • CE approved

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Brand Haze
Voltage 12 Volts
Technology Gel
Capacity 7.5 Ah
Length 151 mm
Width 65 mm
Height inc. terminals 100 mm

2.5 KG


 Warranty 1 Year