Hankook U1RMF-S Starter Battery 12V Cold Cranking: 250-Powerland
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Hankook U1RMF-S Starter Battery 12V Cold Cranking: 250

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Suitable for: Lawn Tractor / Mower, Utility, Snow Blower, Portable Generator / Pump, Small Engine Starting

The Hankook lawn & garden battery is designed to deliver consistent maintenance-free, starting power and reserve capacity in every season. Whether it is three acres of grass that needs cutting in the spring, or three feet of snow on your driveway in the winter, this battery is suitable for almost every model of ride on lawn mower, garden tractor, light utility vehicle, snow removal and snowmobile application.

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Brand Hankook
Voltage 12 Volts
Technology Sealed Calcium
Length 205 mm
Width 132 mm
Height inc. terms 185 mm
Weight 7.4 Kg


Warranty 4 Years

Battery Type: 895