Hankook 60528 (663) Vented Battery 12V Ah105 Cold Cranking 700Amps-Powerland
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Hankook 60528 (663) Vented Battery 12V Ah105 Cold Cranking 700Amps

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Demanding commercial vehicles require nothing less than the most powerful, reliable, durable batteries. Hankook Commercial Batteries have excellent starting power, higher reserve capacity and deep discharge cycling. The maintenance free, Heavy Duty battery is the ideal choice for HGV's and CV's with usual power demands.
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Brand Hankook
Voltage 12 Volts
Technology Sealed Calcium
Capacity 105 Ah
Length 342 mm
Width 172 mm
Height inc. terms 236 mm
Weight 25 Kg
Terminals (Side)

Warranty 2 Years

Battery Type: 663


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