EXIDE ET12B-BS / GT12B-4 12V 10Ah MOTORCYCLE BATTERY (Cranking 160 Amps)-Powerland
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EXIDE ET12B-BS / GT12B-4 12V 10Ah MOTORCYCLE BATTERY (Cranking 160 Amps)

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EXIDE for motorcycles, ATV/quads, jet skis and sit-on lawnmowers.
Bike Bull AGM batteries require no maintenance whatsoever
and come with state-of-the-art AGM technology (AGM =
Absorbent Glass Mat). The acid is absorbed in a glass mat, meaning
that it cannot leak.
High start-up performance with safety reserves
AGM technology
Requires absolutely no maintenance

These batteries are maintenance free and have a longer life time. They are built for tough conditions and are extremely durable.

They are suitable for motorbikes, quad bikes, scooters, ride-on lawnmowers and other similar vehicles.

They come with an acid pack for initial filling.

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    Brand EXIDE
    Voltage 12 Volts
    Technology AGM
    Capacity 10 Ah - 160CCA
    Length 150 mm
    Width 70 mm
    Height inc. terminals 130 mm

    3.7 KG


    Type: GT12B-4 / YT12B-BS

     Warranty 1 Years