DC12-160-CDC 12v 160ah Carbon Gel Superior Deep Cycle VRLA battery-Powerland
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DC12-160-CDC 12v 160ah Carbon Gel Superior Deep Cycle VRLA battery

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DC POWER Carbon Gel Superior Deep Cycle

12v Carbon GEL Superior Deep Cycle – Series 2000  

The DC Power range of 100% true gel batteries offer the tried and tested solution to Deep Cycle performance, with greater charge acceptance. GEL Batteries have always offered long life expectancy in difficult environments. 

NEW- The latest technology, Lead carbon Gel batteries, offering all the features of AGM and GEL, but now with the addition of carbon negative plates. One of the largest reasons for failure in Lead acid batteries is sulphation, caused by inadequate charging. Carbon helps overcome this problem, extending life significantly in these environments.   

Expected life cycles 2000 manufacturer’s warranty 3 years.

Dimensions: 241.00 x 170.00 x 483.00 mm (H x W x L)
Weight: 44.5 kg
Voltage: 12
AH (C20): 150
AH (C100): 160
Technology: Carbon GEL
Lifetime KW: 2,304
Terminals: M8