Pro Power Q Sterling Quasi Sine Wave L12100 12v-230v (100w Output)-Powerland
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Pro Power Q Sterling Quasi Sine Wave L12100 12v-230v (100w Output)

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Sales of quasi-sine wave inverters have continued to out-grow sales of pure sine-wave, proving that there is plenty of life left in this technology. The principle reason is that most of the equipment such as mobile phones, TV's, drill chargers and all that type of equipment which used to have a problem working with quasi-sine wave tends to now work fine on quasi-sine as the effected equipment tends to use a switch mode power supply in the design which works fine with quasi sine wave. This meant that rather than the problems getting worse over the years the problems have diminished, however, this is not to say that the odd microwave, drill, vacuum cleaner would not work (if there is a thyristor control circuit employed then this can still be an issue) but there is no question this is becoming more rare as the years go past, plus, it usually is a lot cheaper to replace a £35 microwave to a different model which will work rather than spend £700 on a sine wave model to make it work .

Sterling has invested in a new range of  quasi-sine inverters because they are smaller, lower cost, offer better performance, are more efficient and more reliable than sine-wave. We, at Sterling, have always found the quasi-sine wave inverter more than adequate for general requirements in boats and vehicles. There is still the odd appliance, such as washing machines, where quasi-sine wave inverters simply do not work but all in all they do a great job - especially considering their cost. With this in mind, we have made a new range of DIGITAL quasi-sine inverters called the Pro Power Q. The idea behind this was to push forward this technology and bring in some new features. The most obvious change in this new inverter is its style, tough aluminum extrusion with great looking plastic end caps. Euro and British sockets are on all this range, enabling the unit to be compatible across Europe without problem. The new extrusion design has allowed us to reduce the size of the 1000-2500W units by nearly 40% but still offer their full power and even better performance over the previous models. If you also require a battery charger then look at our new Pro Combi Q range.
for power to size ratio, this new larger size Pro Power Q range is simply unchallenged.

New turbo coke can inverter:
This popular 100 watt inverter which can lie flat or fits in a standard coke can holder in cars / lorries / boats now has a new big brother which keeps the same convenient style and application, but now has an internal fan to keep it cool. The end result is that it can produce a comfortable 170 watts. The new turbo model is about 20 mm longer and requires either an open cup holder or a cup holder with at least 5 mm larger diameter than the unit to allow the fan enough room to let the air flow through the product.

The quasi sine wave inverter is by far the most popular for the above reasons. All Sterling inverters are continuously rated, with all the usual overload, over voltage and low voltage cut outs, all the inverters come with cable and 24 kt gold connectors, in order to prevent battery terminal corrosion.



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