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Varta K8 Promotive blue Battery 12V 140Ah CCA 800 (EN) (630HD) 640400080

Product type: Battery



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Robust power that kicks in when reliability is needed, with performance that is highly impressive. The innovative Labyrinth lid technology and Acid Reserve Design make VARTA Promotive Blue the robust battery of choice for professionals. Completely maintenance-free and ten times as vibration-resistant as required under European norms, other impressive features include Energy Control for everyday situations and the ability to provide maximum power reserves even after prolonged rest periods. This makes VARTA Promotive Blue suitable for a wide range of applications so that it is the premier choice for all construction, agricultural, municipal, delivery and heavy goods vehicles that need to carry out demanding work.ns.

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Brand Varta
Voltage 12 Volts
Technology Wet
Capacity 140 Ah
Length 513 mm
Width 189 mm
Height inc. terms 223 mm
Weight 35 Kg
Terminals (End)

Warranty 2 Years

Battery Type: 630HD