SEALEY 420/60A 12/24V Starter/Charger (START420)-Powerland
SEALEY 420/60A 12/24V Starter/Charger (START420)-Powerland
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SEALEY 420/60A 12/24V Starter/Charger (START420)

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 SEALEY420/60A 12/24V Starter/Charger (START420)

• Heavy-duty starter/charger for professional garages, workshops and bodyshops. • Caters for all requirements from cars right up to light commercial vehicles. • Large wheels for easy mobility and features analogue ammeter and switchable charge circuitry for accurate charge control.






Nett weight:18.52kg

Output: 12/24V

Output Charge Peak(EN): 60A(40A)

Output Start Peak(EN): 420A(280A)

Battery Range: 30-700Ah

Input Charge: 6.5A

Input Start: 22A

Charging Rates: 3

Supply: 230V - 16A Supply

Polarity Protection: Fuse (1 x 110A)

Fuse: START360.F10 (Pack of 10) START360.F (Single)

Note: Performance dependent on connection to an adequate, good clean electric supply.