Banner Bike Bull GEL Battery (50901) GTZ10-4 12V 9Ah CCA (EN) 180A-Powerland
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Banner Bike Bull GEL Battery (50901) GTZ10-4 12V 9Ah CCA (EN) 180A

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The new Bike Bull GEL product range combines innovative GEL
technology and is extremely user-friendly and safe to operate.
It’s ideally suited to enduro and touring bikers. Bike Bull GEL is
a highly-developed quality battery with a fleece separator and
fixed electrolyte for a reliable start-up every time and a high
degree of vibration and cycle stability.

Reliable start-up performance.
Excellent vibration and cycle stability.
Requires absolutely no maintenance.
Completely leak-proof.
Can be assembled in a lateral position.
Pre-charged and ready for use right away.

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    Brand Banner
    Voltage 12 Volts
    Technology Gel
    Capacity 9 Ah
    Length 150 mm
    Width 86 mm
    Height inc. terminals 94 mm

    3 KG


     Warranty 1 Years