511X Platinum Xtreme BATTERY 6V 105Ah (CCA 400)-Powerland
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511X Platinum Xtreme BATTERY 6V 105Ah (CCA 400)

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Platinum Batteries

The Platinum Xtreme range offers premium power and performance for a wide range of commercial vehicle applications. Greater Reserve Performance Capacity & Improved Cycling Performance, Platinum Xtreme Batteries are the UK’s No1 Selling battery brand. Widely known as ‘The Consumers Choice’, this Battery is ideal for HGV truck, agricultural equipment and construction vehicles. The Xtreme range is engineered with high cyclic capability.

Premium power, performance, reliability & added safety.The range is designed and manufactured to deal with increased demands from both vibration (rough terrain) and added electrical loads (‘in cab’ electrical equipment).With vibration resistance as standard, the range is suited to the most demanding applications and the most arduous of conditions. The range is perfectly suited for use on heavy plant machinery (Cranes, Loaders, Bulldozers and Excavators), working with rough terrain and high impact activity over prolonged periods of time.

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Brand Platinum
Voltage 6 Volts
Technology Wet
Capacity 105 Ah
Length 255 mm
Width 170 mm
Height inc. terminals 225 mm

21.5 KG


 Warranty 2 Years