12V Platinum 180AH Sealed Leisure Battery (6180M)-Powerland
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12V Platinum 180AH Sealed Leisure Battery (6180M)

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Platinum Batteries

12v 6180M Platinum Marine & Leisure Battery

Platinum Leisure Batteries are specially designed with the end user in mind. We understand that what one customer demands of a leisure battery can be very different to the requirements of another. In order to fulfil the needs of our customers we have developed a range of Leisure batteries designed to suit the user. Whether you own a small boat,caravan or a mobile home, we have the right battery for you.

Ideal for dual starting and auxiliary use


Key Features: Unique Thick-Grid Technology With Glass Fibre Separators Unique plate construction, increasing electrical capacity, improving deep cycle capability and provides greater resistance to vibration, extends service life.

Labyrinth-Lid Technology And Spark Arrestor Allows emissions to be safely exhausted externally from the caravan or motor-home with added protection against gas combustion within the battery increasing on-board safety and allowing the battery to be stored within the living accommodation. State-of-charge Indicator Provides an easy to use visual indicator to check the battery’s charge and acid levels.

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Brand Platinum
Voltage 12 Volts
Technology LEAD ACID
Capacity 180 Ah - 1100MCA
Length 513 mm
Width 220 mm
Height inc. terminals 218 mm

40 KG


 Warranty 2 Years