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Shield LM35-115 Powerstation LM Leisure Battery 12v 115Ah

Product type: Battery



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Shield Batteries is a UK manufacturer and distributor of batteries and associated products.

providing a customer focussed service with the emphasis on flexible lead times, bespoke products, agreed delivery schedules and administrative support.

Always maintaining a presence in a variety of industries including automotive, bus, rail, commercial transport, agriculture, marine, military, oil & gas, recreational, public & private utilities and many more.

A  robust company that adapts to ups and downs in individual industries so our customers can depend on us to be there when they need us in good times or bad. We look forward to supplying and supporting you in the future.

The Shield LM35-115 Powerstation LM Leisure Battery. Designed to supply a much lower current over a longer period of time to enable lighting, water pumps and even televisions to operate. The battery has the ability to constantly discharge and recharge to a greater degree, compared to the starter battery during its normal life. This is known as deep cycling.

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Brand Shield
Voltage 12 Volts
Technology Wet
Capacity 115 Ah
Length 350 mm
Width 174 mm
Height inc. terms 224 mm

25.4 KG


 Cold Cranking Performance EN1: 750A